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Timothy Dunn LL.B

Family & Divorce Lawyer

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

Fees & Charges

Unless we agree otherwise, my policy is that clients place funds into my Solicitor’s Trust Account.  As a general practice I will require that sufficient funds are kept in that account to cover my ongoing fees.

This account is subject to an annual audit by an auditor approved by the Law Society of SA.  I earn no interest on money held in the account, nor can I access your money other than in strict obedience to the requirements of the Legal Practitioners Act (SA).

I will regularly send clients an itemised account and an invoice, so that they can keep a close eye on the costs they are incurring.  With the client’s approval I will pay my account from the funds I hold in the Trust Account.  I will provide clients with a full accounting of my dealings with their funds, whilst in the Trust Account.

In addition to the scale fees, you will be charged for disbursements such as Court filing fees, Lands Titles Office searches and process servers.

Clients are charged at the scale rate set by the Supreme Court Rules. (Click the following coloured tab for further information: Supreme Court Rules Costs Scale).